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A New Milestone! A Quote From My Book On Someone’s Fridge!

I recently got a email with this photo. Someone I know sent it to me, to show me they’d taken a quote out of “Me, My Selfie & Eye” and placed it front and center on their refrigerator, to be reminded of my book’s words. This made me feel incredibly humbled and special! To know that something I thought, something I said, something I shared, made that much of a difference to their own reflective process, they want to be reminded on a daily basis! It’s an honor to know that words–my words–could be valued in this way!

Book Launch Party Was Enchanting!

Can I just say that having your best friends and loved ones with you to celebrate an accomplishment, a dream come true, the launch of your book that took 4 years to create, is THE best!

About 50 people came to the beautiful space GATHER, in Portland, a stunning event space housed in an old church from the 1920’s. Johnna Wells, friend, colleague, and amazing human being offered her lovely venue to help celebrate. I shared my intention for the book, and why I made certain editorial and creative decisions. I even read two excerpts: “Fu*k the Cloud,” and “Til Death, Do I Part?”

It was an enchanting night of reflection, celebration, and making big wishes for all that’s about to unfold for “Me, My Selfie & Eye!”




Copyediting & Closer to Creation

Yesterday I sent the first complete draft of the book to my friend and talented copy editor Julie. I completely reworked the ending because the first one as it was, was bullshit. I saw it and I’m sure you’d see it. The way it ends now is more honest. I can say that after months of editing and reworking and redoing and rewriting I am happy with how it turned out.

Who knows how this book will be received? I’m currently working on balancing dreaming about how publishing will go and what readers will respond to, and calibrating expectations because maybe it sells 100 books and that would be ok too. I’m excited to have the conversations about midlife identity.  I hope to present and speak to lots and lots of people at conferences, book clubs and workshops.