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Eat A Lot, Pray A Lot, Love A Lot, Drink A Lot, Then, We’ll See….

I sometimes shake my head in disbelief at what’s become my life. It’s not that I didn’t want, strive for, or work hard for the accomplishments I’ve achieved, it’s just that sometimes the circumstances and opportunities that arrive as a result, are humbling. As publisher and owner of a magazine, I get comped tickets for lots of shows, meet […]

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Being In The Me

This season of the year can be a ticking time bomb. Expectations are high to have the “perfect” quintessential postcard holiday. Emphasis on financial and material allocations are magnified. Family members, sometimes those we don’t see very often or have strained relations with, are thrust into our emotional spotlight. And often times, things are not […]

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My Fire, Fly…

Before November’s dusk, of the 25th day I drifted upon the dimless wings of an empty firefly. to glow, if only… perhaps life’s load too heavy to truly twinkle free. perhaps drenched sparks of fear of desire of rugged roads to bear of innocence could never ignite the fire. spinning alone with dimless wings in […]

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