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People come from all over the globe to work with me for TWO primary reasons: To HEAL or WRITE. Sometimes both. Although they’re related, not everyone who seeks healing writes, and not everyone who writes looks for healing. My method of unearthing, through psychically-guided one-on-one sessions, is transformative for either intention.

TO HEAL: Transformative therapeutic writing sessions heal deep grief, unlock soul clarity, connect you to true inner freedom. I use psychic intuition to reveal what’s underneath, offer clear, reflective guidance for how to obtain fulfillment.

TO WRITE: Through a unique blend of psychic insight, creative facilitation, and coaching, I guide people through my PROVEN writing method. Totally eliminate writing blocks forever & chart a book-completion path ahead. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION! Sessions expand writing skills, confidence, and purpose.

Clients have PROFOUND emotional, creative, and productivity breakthroughs.

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