Heart & Jason Bonham


Children of famous musicians who try to go off and create their own sounds, are often heavily judged before they even sing or play a single note. It must be a double-edge sword to have a last name like Lennon, Presley, Cobain and pursue music. And then there’s Bonham. The mythic drummer from Led Zeppelin who helped change the course of music history. As it turns out, his son, Jason is quite the natural talent as well.

Jason has been playing ever since he could hold some sticks in his hand. His father John died when he was a teen and one can only imagine the size of that shadow. But Jason kept playing, and sometimes things need to come full circle. Currently Jason has been touring with Heart and performing Led Zeppelin music. They recently stopped here in the Northwest and performed at the Sleep Country Amphitheater.

It was an exciting night of nostalgia and hard driving rock. Jason’s band was tight, full of fire and humility, all at the same time. He was obviously having fun, and so were his band mates. After all, Led Zeppelin’s music is perhaps some of the greatest of all time. What was so great though,and it was obvious, that although Jason had his father’s influence, he also has his own natural and raw talent. He has his own gifts for pounding the skins with a rhythmic beat. He knows it’s an honor to carry on the music and bring it to a while new generation of fans. IMG_8361

As for Heart, wow, Nancy still has one of the most badass female rock voices ever. She and her sister Ann took the crowd to our magical days of youth, when rock was real and women stars were far and few between. The crowd was on its feet the whole time!