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The Chill of Holiday Loneliness

It’s the holidays. I’m sitting alone at a restaurant bar. I look around. I see many couples engrossed in the twinkling lights and festivities. I’m alone this year. As I scope the scene of couples enjoying their holiday cheer, together, the soft white lights strung across the bar, the twinkling of hope for this time […]

Let Poetry Unravel & Befriend Your Universe

Listen to this episode to have your expressive universe forever changed. Matt Hart is the author of FAMILIAR (Pickpocket Books 2022) and nine other books of poems. Additionally, his poems, reviews, and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in numerous print and online journals.

Jim Gaines – Former Life, Time, People Magazines Editor & Best-Selling Author

Jim Gaines is an incredibly important individual in the world of journalism. He’s the former managing editor of Time, Life, and People magazines. He’s interviewed and written about presidents, celebrities, and notable historical events such as Watergate, and figures, including being the first to interview Mark Chapman, the person who murdered John Lennon.