It’s true: I’ve got a diverse blend of personal and professional interests. I’ve spent the last 25 years in media, marketing, communications, business development and branding. I’ve worked in radio (KUBE 93 Seattle and KBIG Los Angeles), print journalism (Wall Street Journal) and television (E! Entertainment). I’ve been a communications consultant for 20 years and have worked with multi-million dollar companies assisting in strategic marketing and identity branding, as well as with non-profits assisting in board development and public relations.

I ensure your messages, identity and marketing connect with impact and meaning.

PF_Sept2013coverFrom 2004 – 2014 I was the the owner, publisher and editor of Portland Family Magazine, a monthly print publication. In jest, it can be said that as the owner and publisher, I fulfilled the range of roles from janitor to the CEO. Being a business owner requires a vast spectrum of creativity, adaptability, resourcefulness. I spent a lot of time in the community, cultivating mutually beneficial revenue-driven partnerships, overseeing the editorial direction, and ensuring the quality of story-telling. People want positive stories about amazing things happening in the world to offset waves of sensationalized media. We deserve hope and being made aware of opportunities to make a difference. Let’s be inspired by what’s possible.

Other professional career notables include having once been selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be a featured speaker at a national grantee conference, writing several travel books for Fodor’s, being assigned national magazine features, having a regular newspaper column “In Mother Words,” and in my role as publisher and community leader, being frequently invited to appear as a guest on radio and television programs to discuss current events.

vista houseAlong the way of making a living, I also picked up a few passions. One is photography. I adore getting lost in life’s often overlooked details and then somehow finding them with a camera. Eventually I want to learn to photograph the night sky.


Another passion is tequila. Yep, good ol’ hardy 100% blue weber agave. I spend a lot of time, through my hobby business, TequilIMG_6405aStarr, teaching classes, consulting and educating about how dynamic good tequila is; not the Jose Cuervo, bouncing beach ball, ugly sombrero-type, but rather the sophisticated, interesting and spirit-lifting type. There are hundreds to be discovered and appreciated. A personal mission is to make people believers who have sworn off tequila because of prior unpleasant encounters.

I’ve donned myself a “cynical optimist.” I love good french fries. My favorite TV shows include Six Feet Under, Northern Exposure, The Office and Sex and the City. Though you will most likely find me listening to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, I can also handle a dAurora-Borealis-Pictureose of classical or flamenco guitar. I broke a fear barrier and went skydiving from 18,000 feet – that was a trip! My #1 bucket list item is to see the Northern Lights. This was accomplished in October, 2015.

I’m married to the love of my life, Mark, and have two amazing kids, Alayna, 16 and Evan, 12. They remind me how precious and fleeting our borrowed time is.

I look forward to helping you share your words, images and ideas that make life so endlessly interesting. (connect at janna@jannalopez.com)


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