About Janna

Hello. I’m glad you found me!

My services as a psychic book coach, writing guide, teacher, and retreat leader move people towards total writing freedom and emotional transformation. I blend strong intuitive gifts with facilitation experience to reveal what holds you back from your deepest expression. I offer retreats for memoir, poetry, and book-blueprinting in stunning Santa Fe, New Mexico, through Land of Enchantment Writing www.landofenchantmentwriting.com.

People come from all over the country to work with me one-on-one to navigate book-completion journeys.

I was the 2023 Santa Fe Poet Laureate Ambassador. I conducted dozens of public workshops, and developed innovate community-based programs to make poetry equitable, accessible, and available in everyday life. Here are a few articles about me and my work: 3 Questions, Pasatiempo, Santa Fe Reporter

I won 3rd place in fiction, for my short story, “Elaine’s Last Garden” in the New Mexican’s Pasatiempo annual statewide writing contest.

I’m the published author of the acclaimed books, “Me, My Selfie & Eye – a midlife conversation about lost identity, grief, and seeing who you are,” WinSome & Fuckdamonium and such is, both poem collections. I’m completing my fourth book, “Self-Conversation – How to Live an Ultimately Expressed Life” based on my work with hundreds of clients. My fifth book will be a collection of short stories, poems, and essays, out summer 2024.

I’m a regular blog contributor for BookBaby, one of the largest book self-publishing entities. Articles relate to insights and strategies for discovering writing freedom.

I was the creative writing outreach educator on behalf of New Mexico School for the Arts, a public, statewide high school that serves students with an award-winning arts program. I traveled to all reaches of New Mexico to underserved communities and neighboring pueblos to teach creative writing to teenagers.

I graduated magna cum laude with an MFA in creative writing from Pacific Northwest College of Art – a literary arts program seeped in writing as a means of equity and social justice. I’ve had work published in New Mexico State Poetry Society’s poetry anthology, Glissando!the Santa Fe Literary Review, the Bangalore ReviewMillennial Pulp, Mountain Bluebird, Querencia Press, and an anthology of short stories by Free Spirit press.

In November 2021, My essay “What We Don’t Owe” won 1st place in the Santa Fe Reporter’s Annual Writing Contest. That was a huge honor!

In 2021 I was recognized by the Hillsboro Chamber School to Career program as Volunteer of the Year for my weekly writing workshops created for teen students during the pandemic. Award nominees are nominated based on the volunteer’s efforts to promote and model life-long learning as key to students’ future success.

Spring 2022, I was an invited guest reader for the community stage at the inaugural Santa Fe Literary Festival. I shared two new works, i am a woman because, and querencia~.

I host the variety podcast, “Eyedentity Talk,” a show dedicated to unearthing stories about compelling people making compelling discoveries about who they are. Each episode illuminates guests from all walks of life.

My images capture life’s beauty, especially Santa Fe’s enchantment at From Santa Fe With Love.

I’m a New Mexico State Poetry Society member.

If you have questions about writing or don’t know where to start, reach out. I’m happy to guide your way.

Life in Pictures

  • writers have unimaginable breakthroughs during my writing retreats

  • Me and a book and a doll. Taking reading and friends seriously at an early age.

  • writing retreats include nights around the campfire telling stories under the stars

  • Growing up in L.A. meant I was a de facto Lakers fan. This is me (around 25?) with {Big Game} James Worthy.

  • writing retreat guidance gets writers clear, connected, productive, inspired!

  • I worked in radio in my mid-20’s. Totally fan-girled on Daryl Hall.

  • retreats offer writing peace, clarity, connection

  • Getting my college degree at 50 🙂

  • Santa Fe. This is where I live and work.

  • Jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet. The longest and shortest 5 minutes of my life.

  • Me with Vinny Appice! Black Sabbath and Dio drummer! I was so STOKED to meet this legend!

  • One-on-one writing retreats are powerful and transformative!

  • I help put on the amazing Monterey Bay Tequila & Cuisine event each year. I love teaching about the cultural spirit of tequila.

  • Land of Enchantment Writing – Everyday is stunning!

    Santa Fe Writing Retreats
  • Leading small group writing retreats is one of my favorite ways to serve writers!

  • Creative Writing MFA Graduation from Pacific Northwest College of Art

  • Land of Enchantment writing retreat attendees working on future books!

  • I love working with teen students to ignite their writing confidence!