Turning Into Truth: One Opportunity At A Time


What if there were everyday people who really could connect with, translate and communicate the language from another side of the unseen, the unknown, the unexplainable? Would you doubt these abilities or that such gifts are real? In this context, I’m not speaking of communication in terms of religion or even spirituality per se. I’m referencing ‘connection’ purely from an “energetic” level.

Healthy skepticism is good. For some, they may never believe, even if “God” showed up at their doorstep as a burning bush. For others, they hold such a strong belief that perhaps they close a door on ever questioning their own beliefs. How do they know the difference between a truth and self-imposed dogma? I’d call that blind faith. While I don’t necessarily judge either, I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’ve had encounters with people, moments and experiences that didn’t have logical answers when I’ve leaned on the side of at least believing something occurred that was beyond my sense of reason. I’ve also had psychic readings from people who I sought insight from and could tell they probably got an online certificate from Miss Cleo’s cyberschool of mind-readers.

As with any field of expertise, my thought is that there are those who are naturally gifted, some who work to uncover their gifts, and some who have no skill or talent in that respective field and probably shouldn’t be practicing. In my experience, this is especially the case with healers, energy workers and psychics. I surmise that the number of truly gifted in these fields is incredibly small. Thanks to a friend, I was introduced to someone I would deem as “gifted,” Mas Sajady, a self-described, “DNA Reader.”

notice what you notice

Mas has been formally working with individuals in this helping/reading/energy-shifting capacity since 2009. He’s a father of six children (which to me implies there must be some element of his being grounded in reality LOL) and in his prior vocation, was a computer programmer. He shares that his intuitive gifts to see/work with/understand the essence of “pure energy” derived from two separate near-death experiences (one in his early 20’s and the other in 2006).

Mas says that each near-death encounter unlocked a higher level, deeper connection and more easily accessible portal to energy fields and blueprints that are all around and that we each have. From the travel between life and death, and back again, several times, a knowing/understanding capacity of existence outside of the ones we “know” was unlocked. He was able to see future events and could witness the make-up of internal issues of those around him. To make sense of his shifts, Mas studied near death experiences. Concepts in Quantum Physics—transcendence and intertwinement of space/time/energy—most closely resonated.

Mas shares that insights and wisdom arrive through his meditations. He enters a dream-like state but remains awake and aware. He says he transcends his physical body and from these meditations gains knowledge on a multitude of subjects, including spiritual and earthly concerns. It’s from this transcendent space Mas “works” on a core frequency level to redesign and reprogram energetic “blueprints.” These are called “Medihealings.” He says they are a unique meditation and healing in one which combines scientifically-proven benefits of meditation with his healing frequencies to accelerate transformation.

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Mas has a global reach with his work (over a million Facebook followers and 800,000 listeners to his podcasts) and a number of ways he helps people transform, access information, and fulfill their lives. Sometimes people want to address health, financial situations, improve their business or break free from negative behaviors or patterns that limit prosperity. Sometimes they want to make sense of events or stresses in their lives that interfere with finding a more clearly defined path. The reasons for connecting with the work of Mas are as individual as the people who seek him.

In case you’re interested, one fascinating offering is access to the free library of “Exponential Intelligence” podcasts. Mas believes, “Just as we program computers with Artificial Intelligence, spirits program humans with Exponential Intelligence (EI). Acquiring ‘EI’ activates your ability to achieve exponential success and fully experience heaven on earth.” During each podcast, (there are 100 to date!) Mas instills Exponential Intelligence into frequency blueprints. Additionally, each one has a customized Medihealing meant to change current frequencies.

Whether or not one believes there are realities outside of those we cognitively know, having hope and/or understanding, about anything and everything, is to be innately human. We naturally seek answers, insight and wisdom about our pasts, about death, about pain, and about why we do or don’t change self-defeating behaviors. We wait for change, avoid our pain and create clever excuses that we often convince ourselves as being totally valid.


It’s interesting that we say we want to do things, or feel things or become things and often the discomfort of merely being uncomfortable or breaking out of habit—to doing those things, feeling those things, or becoming those things—overrides any tangible actions. We’re creatures of comfort.

I think about how the struggle with one’s self to evolve or become more of who we are is the very nature of existence. There are plenty of philosophers who have written books and books on this topic. From psychology, to religion, to spirituality, at the heart of life’s matter, most of us are curious and have a driving need to unravel and feel more unified with our own truths.


Fortunately for Portland, Mas will be here for a weekend of events July 14th-17th. If you’re on a path of discovery or growth, I encourage you to go to one of them. Tickets are reasonably priced, and his dynamic approach is worth exploration, not to mention the thousands of people who attest to the tangible impact his work’s had on their life.

The first event, “Exponential Intelligence: Know/Heal Yourself” happens on Friday, July 14th, 7 p.m. at Marylhurst University. Tickets are only $20 and include a presentation, demonstration and guided Medihealing. Attendees will hear more about near-death experiences and the capacity of the ‘source code’ of our blueprints to bring forth the healing and transformation.

Another important event to highlight takes place on the afternoon of Saturday, July 15th at Lake Theater & Cafe and is FREE. It’s a gathering to share insightful discussion and a Medihealing support session for “Teens Experiencing Depression.” Mas recognizes a tremendous need and has a passion for supporting teens and offers these sessions free as a public service.

I’m bringing my two kids because given the complex nature of teen emotions, hormones, development, peer pressure, and depression, I think any insight could be helpful, particularly from such a unique perspective of energy, blueprints, transcendence, and potential. If this session proves to share any positive help for my kids, (nearly 13 and 17 years-old), I’m all in.

I’ve heard incredible things about Mas and his work. I have a full library of free podcasts to begin listening to, and I’m excited to be part of this incredible weekend of events July 14th-17th while he’s here in Portland.

When it comes to knowing and learning about ourselves and life as we experience it, I believe curiosity should always prevail over skepticism if there’s ever potential to bring us closer to our own truths.

For tickets, access to the podcasts, and more information about Mas and his work, visit http://mas-sajady.com.

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