Education, Italy & A Beautiful Life


I recently went to Italy–Rome, Florence and Venice–for a whirlwind 10-day excursion. Aside from such incredible history and breathtaking sites, I noticed, and was in awe by, how people in Italy appear to live with ease. Whether my perspectives about the Italian way of life are right or wrong, no matter. I see Italians live well. The common social threads are that most obtain a 5-year college education since the government makes education accessible, and that people are constantly surrounded by art, music, poetry, history, culture, and beauty.

Italians make everything–fashion, cooking, art, and moving through the day, appear with ease and grace. No one is obese, no one is walking around on the streets with scrunched stressed out faces, and ingredients to the assets that add to their lives (food, fun, clothes) are made with quality and simplicity. They know when to work and when to rest. They walk everywhere.

DSC_0431Here is one place where the men are more beautiful than the women, too. They care about their appearance and though most people are beautiful, again, it comes back to grace and ease, even in their appearance. I can’t say that appearance is exactly ‘vanity’ because I’m not sure that’s it. They just care about how they look and make effort, not fuss.

DSC_0283I wonder if the overall social grace stems from the fact that generally, most are educated. They study art, music. language and history, college is mostly paid for and they go to university for 5 years. Being surrounded by beautiful art, music, poetry, history, sculptures, painting and such reverence all the time, as a way of social and institutionalized being, must contribute.

It’s not like I’m seeking to over-romanticize, and I’ve already had a few people try and tell me about Italy’s economic problems in hopes of chipping away at my image. But I see what I see and what I see is what I’ve stated. Italians live well, and through their education and surrounding beauty and culture, it shows.

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