A View From Anew…


It’s always a wonderful surprise to discover something you’ve always known. Or rather, RE-discover something you always thought you knew, but maybe only from a certain perspective. My case in point, Cannon Beach.

I’ve been visiting Cannon Beach for decades. I love Oregon’s diverse coastline. From evergreen forests, to sprawling bays, rock formations to crashing waves, the unbridled beauty of our state’s beach lines always inspire.

Cannon Beach is known for many things such as cute shops and nice restaurants. The star attraction, however, Haystack Rock, towers above all attractions. People flock by its side to take pictures, check out tide pools, watch the surf splash behind it and gaze at the seagulls, eagles and hawks hovering above. The pull of Haystack Rock is magnetic. It’s easy to come to Cannon Beach and hang somewhere around it the entire course of a weekend trip. I admit it: I’ve taken hundreds of photos of Haystack at various times of the day.

Recently, my husband Mark and I booked a last minute weekend getaway. The only place available was all the way on the north side of the beach. Far away from Haystack. On Saturday morning we got up early to take a walk. With clear blue skies and layers of clouds hugging the mountains behind us, we could see the tide was incredibly low. The conditions were perfect to explore the north side of the beach. 13179399_10209975801218721_1113158947630795154_n

The rock formations were incredible. With bare feet we traversed numerous streams of cold freshwater pouring towards the ocean. There were whole sand dollars everywhere! It was like uncovering a stunning aspect of Cannon Beach I’d never seen before.13133323_10209975799138669_5565371746088641017_n

We spent hours out on the sand, barefoot, oohing and ahhing at all the facets of our beloved beach we’d never experienced. We thoroughly enjoyed the feeling like we were somewhere totally new, in a place we’d always loved.


That morning served as such a good reminder to take the road less traveled, even if it’s in a place you’re totally familiar with. There’s bound to be a different path, a refreshed way of seeing, waiting for your discovery. All you have to do is kick off the shoes, be willing to go barefoot, and open up your eyes to witness the renewed perspective just waiting to be seen.


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