On The Tippy Toes For Tulips!

There’s one time of year many in the Northwest look forward to, and that’s the annual sojourn to the Woodburn Tulip Festival. Over 40 acres of gorgeous colors burst across fields of flower fury, with rows of pinks, reds, oranges, purples, whites and yellows. DSC_8919

For me, as a “budding” photographer (pun intended), the only way to go is to arrive before sunrise and photograph the early morning golden light rising in the horizon over the field. For one, weekends are extremely crowded, lines of cars are backed up for miles, parking is a challenge, and there are just too many people to navigate. It’s hard to take a photo of solitary flowers and solitude when there are unbelievable crowds to contend with.

DSC_8897 Secondly, the morning light is pure. The dawn’s rays shimmer off the petal’s dew as the day begins to gently unfold. The flowers feel alive and innocent at this time. Capturing these hopeful expressions of nature and time are truly heart-warming.

I recently got a macro lens for my camera and WOW! I had such an awesome time out there, rolling on my back looking up at the flowers with the sky in the background, extended on my tippy toes over the center of the buds to be able to peer directly down into their tender centers, and on my knees in the mud, to get close to the tulips to capture them. DSC_8907

The combination of these angles and this type of lens were a truly inspiring way to explore my photographic interests, skills and curiosity. I could not get enough of the tulip’s colors, and details and shapes, and dew, and sunlight. They are gorgeous!

DSC_8937 I was amazed at the technology in the lens and the mind-blowing precise detail a piece of equipment can capture in a split second of time. Simply stunning.

If you’ve not ever tried photographing flowers, I encourage you to try it. It’s inspiring. And if you’re interested in details, beauty, new ways of seeing familiar things or objects, a macro lens will completely open up your perspective.

The tulip festival lasts approximately until the end of April and I suggest a sunset or sunrise experience. As with all nature, the time for their beauty to be shared is all-too-brief and absolutely worth every colorful and fleeting moment.


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