The Velocity of Music

The news of David Bowie’s untimely death from cancer prompted such enormous emotional ripples. Growing up I was not a huge Bowie fan but I always appreciated his creativity; his unbridled, unapologetic spectrum of sound, style and multi-sensory experiences with each work he shared. He was his own voice. That, in and of itself, places him into an untamable category.

What tugged at my heart strings was seeing how many people grieved. How people I know from all walks of wisdom and politics, classes and colors, ages and locations, converged into a single cyber platform of reverence. Memories of songs and moments and milestones and forgotten hopes sprang forth into vibrancy. I really appreciated all the authentic nostalgia. I felt like I got glimpses into people I barely knew, or was afforded a priceless new discovery about those I love.

The mourning of David Bowie affirmed the sheer velocity of music on our impressionable souls. Certain songs can crush and shatter walls of doubt or sadness, over and over again, throughout decades, and in their place leave timeless melody talismans for when we are lost, to help guide our way home.

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