Monthly Archives: September 2015

One Order Of Sanctity, Please…

I entered Red Robin at 4:06 p.m., a few minutes behind schedule to meet my friend Delila for happy hour. I was looking forward to an easy, relaxing conversation, a few cocktails, some grub. As I approached a table she was seated at, I noticed this iPad-looking device propped at the edge. I sat down, […]

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Foo Fightin’ To Keep Rock Alive

¬† Without sounding like the old has-been rocker lady who tells you how I spent .50 cents to take the Wilshire bus 5 miles (not in the snow, though) to Tower Records in Westwood to spend $1.00 on a 45 after painstakingly thumbing through them for hours, be assured the wiggity iTunes downloading generation of […]

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Looped: When Self-Love & Loathing Are The Same

We are lucky to live in a city where local, small theater is still a viable thing. Sure, the larger-than-life Broadway productions are grand, but shows with an intimate gathering feel like there’s a more personal lesson to be learned. This is especially true¬†with the recent Triangle Productions show of “Looped.” Looped is directed by […]

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