Photo Show At Cedar Hills Parks & Recreation Center

I am super excited to have five of my images (16 x 20) as part of the esteemed Women Learning Photography Together photo show at the Cedar Hills Parks & Recreation Center showing the month of the June. Trying to pick only five was a tough choice but I wanted to present a variety of artistic depth and creative scope. I ultimately chose five images I thought were simple, yet powerful.

One is a black and white image of a white rose placed near a woman named June, in the 911 concrete-etched memorial in New York City (titled “911 Memorial White Rose For June”). I love the solemn yet loving simplicity and contrast of this image. The next one (Morning Time For A Tulip) is a close up of an open colorful pink and organ tulip with morning dew glistening off the petals. The colors are so vibrant and soft, the photo itself looks like a watercolor. The third, (Prayer & Solitude), is an image of a nun praying in a darkened church, kneeling before an alter. The church walls and ceilings have arches, and in the middle though the stained glass church windows, angelic light filters through and illuminates the windows and aisle way. This image was literally a stolen moment of luck, time and place, taken at a church in Iceland. The fourth image (Who Am I? screen, window, mirror), is a portrait selfie, but not in the typical sense. I was in Hawaii, walking by a building. On the outside of the window was a very rusted screen. I wasted by the window and looked into the room, and on the other side of the large room was a mirror. I caught a photo of me taking a picture in the mirror outlined by the reflection from the window through the rusted screen. This image has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Lastly, (So Long, Sweet Haystack Sun) is another luck in timing photo and was of the setting sun behind Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. Gold starburst rays sneak out behind the giant monument and leave the foreground in darkened beautiful shadows where the waves are receding back into the ocean. I am ultimately happy with the images chosen and the variety they each represent.

If you have a chance, take a gander at my images, as well as the others presented by four very talented ladies from the Women Learning Photography Together meet-up group! Cedar Hills Parks & Recreation Center during the month of June…


Morning Time For A Tulip

Prayer & Solitude

Prayer & Solitude


Who Am I? (screen, window, mirror)

DSC_4664 2

So Long, Sweet Haystack Sun


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