My Fire, Fly…


Before November’s dusk,
of the 25th day
I drifted
upon the dimless wings
of an empty firefly.
to glow, if only…

perhaps life’s load too heavy
to truly twinkle free.
perhaps drenched sparks
of fear
of desire
of rugged roads to bear
of innocence
could never ignite the fire.

spinning alone
with dimless wings
in a whirlwind
of perpetual lonely nightfall.

A sweet misstep of chance and change
landed to light me.
a sly smile, deviant, wide,
blindingly wicked green eyes
and lightening lips as brilliant as flame.

a kindered firefly;
a heart hollow of spark.
a chilled soul thirsty for heat.
another dimmed soul seeking light.

I whispered towards tomorrow,
come illuminate the night, beside me

with so many empty spaces to dazzle
let’s go….
that infinite glow,
you and me.

I whispered towards the abyss of rising serendipity:
brighter I shall be,
when the light derives from us as “we.”

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