Everybody (who’s grown up) Wants Some…

Bobby Pallotta of Beyond the Eye DV productions and moi

One of my favorite things to do is to talk with others, learn more about people’s passions and share their stories. A few weeks ago I was asked by a friend of mine who does video production, Bobby Pallotta of Beyond the Eye DV, if I’d be willing to interview some guys on Saturday night who were performing for a tribute band show the Hawthorn Theater. The Portland media world is small, and he and I have worked together in the past. He was familiar with my

Sonic Temple Cult Tribute

Sonic Temple Cult Tribute

broadcast background. Bobby was going to film all three bands – Sonic Temple (The Cult), Unchained (Van Halen), and Poison’us (Poison). He was going to capture concert footage and wanted to intermingle it with interviews. Since I have friends in a few of the performing bands, I was going to be at the show anyway, so I said yes.

I do love the tribute band scene. It may seem cliche, trying to relive some sort of youth to music that has carried on through the many decades, but I can’t help it. It makes me happy to hear the music, feel the crowd, admire the gumption a fella like Brad Halleck has to even attempt portraying Eddie Van Halen, and soak up the energy of nostalgia’s belonging. It’s kind of cool in a way to swept up in a time and place, as a grown adult with some sense and wisdom, without youth’s effects of too much alcohol and recklessness to destroy the opportunity. Everybody (who’s now grown up) wants some, I want some too….

I appreciated the chance to interview all three bands and even the fans. Everyone is having such a great time, including the boys in the bands who have a chance, if even for a night, to rock the socks and bras off those aspiring throwbacks in the crowd like me. (watch interviews below!)

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