Today’s A Big Day


Over the years I’ve dabbled in photography. It’s a passion, still, borderline hobby, with full intentions of someday soon immersing myself. Over time, people have commented on how much they’ve liked what they’ve seen. I can admit that I have a knack, or an eye for capturing details. I would like to develop the camera-using skills.

Through the years, I’ve fantasized about what it would be like to publicly show my work. About 4 months ago an opportunity showed up to do exactly this. Cupcake Jones, a prominent bakery in town, has a beautiful event space in the Pearl District and each month for the First Thursday art gallery walk (that many local galleries participate in) they feature an artist. In May they reached out to the community looking for artists. For the hell-of-it I sent Shannan at Cupcake Jones some images, she liked them, and we scheduled my photography to be featured 4 months later at tonight’s showing. So here we are.

I spent some time over the past few months going through thousands of images trying to pick what I felt best represented my broad range of styles. I don’t take one particular type of image so selecting a single theme like most photo shows have was a challenge. Since my talent tends to gravitate towards capturing life’s often overlooked details, that’s the theme I decided to go with for the presentation: “Life’s Details.”

I chose a few images from each category that I’ve taken over the years, sought the help of two photographer friends in terms of selecting and narrowing down, made a bunch of prints, and voila! a photo show will be born! I’ve got numerous print sizes from 5 x 5’s all the way up to 18 x 24. I’ll be displaying infrared photos, hispta prints, travel photos from Italy, Hawaii and some local iconic representations of Portland. When the images were all put in frames, and I looked at the collection I curated, I admit I felt a sense of pride for my true passion and capacity for photography. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer, not yet anyway, but I can see the possibilities. Taking photographs makes me happy in a way that nothing else really does. It seems pure, at least at this point. There are no financial or professional expectations tied to it.

For tonight I invited about 600 friends and colleagues to come check out the merchandise. It’s a one-night-only show. Yes, the images will be for sale but more importantly, I will accomplish a pretty cool goal of publicly showing my work. A feat I once dreamed of.

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